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Privacy policy


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8.1 Provision of data


The Service Provider is obliged to provide the Authority with data concerning the Service Provider which is necessary for the use of the services, the implementation of access or the performance of the Authority's tasks, even if such data is considered to be business secrets.


The Service Provider undertakes to make the data specified in the GTC publicly available.


In providing the data as described above, the data provider is responsible for the timeliness, accuracy, verifiability and authenticity of the data content.


The Service Provider shall cooperate closely with the authorities concerned in official - and especially criminal - proceedings in order to detect and/or prevent illegal conduct by providing data.


8.2 Personal data protection, confidentiality obligations


The Service Provider may process, process and transfer data related to the provision of the service or data that come to its knowledge in the course of the provision of the service in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Right to Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information, as set out in its Privacy Policy under this Chapter.


8.3 Data protection and confidentiality responsibilities of employees, agents and contractors


Employees, members, agents and contributors of the Service Provider are bound by the data and confidentiality protection obligations in the same way as the Service Provider, even after the termination of their employment, membership, agency or contributor relationship, and are liable for any breach thereof.


8.4. Privacy Policy


Purpose of the data collection

The collection of personal data of visitors to the Service Provider's website who intend to order/purchase is necessary for the fulfilment of the ordered/purchased product or service. Without the personal data of the registered visitors, the Service Provider operating the website cannot fulfil its obligations as set out in the GTC (e.g.: to deliver the purchased product to the correct address, to enforce warranty claims without the customer's identifiable order data, etc.). The Service Provider as data controller collects the data from several sources, the operator of the websites indicated in the GTC:


  • Personal data: in order to use the services provided on the website, all customers must register before making their first purchase, so during the registration process, the visitor must provide the requested personal data (e.g. name, address, e-mail address, etc.).
  • Other data obtained: in order to maintain the proper functioning of the website in a non-identifiable way and to continuously improve the service and the website, the data controller is entitled to collect data related to the use of the website (e.g.: search methods, data, visits to subsections of the website, frequency of use of functions, IP address, cookies, etc.).


Use of data

The data collected above will be used by the Service Provider to provide its services, to maintain, protect and improve the underlying website and to develop new services.


By registering on the website and by providing your data when you subsequently change your data, you voluntarily consent to the storage and processing of the Customer's data. If you contact the Service Provider operating the website by e-mail, the Company is entitled to retain the entire communication, which it is entitled to retain even after the request for the deletion of the data of the visitor registered on the website has been sent, inter alia, for the purposes of warranty and dispute resolution and the subsequent settlement of complaints.


Before using the data for purposes other than those set out in this statement, subject to the provisions of the applicable law governing the processing of personal data, we will seek the consent of the data controller.


The Service Provider processes the data provided in Hungary and guarantees that if the processing is subsequently carried out outside Hungary for any reason, it will be done in full compliance with the legal provisions in force in Hungary.


Release of data by the customer


Please note that the Service Provider does not assume any liability in the event that the person providing personal data discloses his/her personal data to a third party and the holder of the personal data suffers any damage as a result. In this regard, we call the attention of the registered visitors to exercise increased care with regard to the disclosure of their data, in particular the username and password generated on the Service Provider's websites, as the Service Provider does not assume any financial or legal liability for its unauthorized use.


Access to your personal data, modification of your personal data

Those who have registered on the website are entitled at any time, free of charge, to view in the registered account what personal data they have previously provided, i.e. what data the Service Provider as data controller and any data processors store in relation to the registered visitor. If such personal data are incorrectly recorded in our system, we will provide the registered visitor with the opportunity to correct or have corrected the data in relation to him/herself. In addition, any previously registered visitor has the right to request the deletion of his or her data at any time from the operator of the website, free of charge, by sending an email to In this context, the Service Provider reserves the right to retain personal data in the event of a request for the deletion of the visitor's data, even beyond the inactivation of the data, i.e. beyond the invisibility of the data for the visitors of the website, in order to support the performance of previous services, to prove the contractual performance or to investigate a warranty or complaint, either in the past or in the future.


Data shared by the Service Provider

The Service Provider will share personal data with other companies, organisations or persons, including subcontractors, only to the extent necessary for the performance of its services. In this context, it may disclose personal data


  • the domain administrator for the operation of the website,
  • if the Service Provider engages another external company to process the data in order to comply with confidentiality and security measures, it may outsource it to its contracted partner as a data processor, subject to the applicable data protection legislation,
  • to an authority, court or other public body under a legal obligation,
  • share aggregated, non-personally identifiable information with the public and our partners - for example, advertisers or related websites. For example, we may share information with the public to show trends in the general use of our services.



This Privacy Policy applies to all services provided on the websites covered by these GTC, with the exception that the Service Provider is not responsible for the presentation of the Service Provider's websites and the websites of other companies advertising our services. Furthermore, this Privacy Statement does not cover the related advertisements displayed on the Service Provider's websites and the cookies, pixel tags and other technological solutions used in this context



The Service Provider has the right to modify this Privacy Statement without any time limit. Please note that the rights granted in this Privacy Statement will not be reduced or limited without the express consent of the visitor. We will post any future changes to this Privacy Statement on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide more information, including by e-mail notification.

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