Unique sportswear: enter a new dimension of sporty style!

As if design unique sportswear.

If you're part of an active lifestyle and want to express your unique style even on the sports field, you've come to the right place. Discover the possibilities of Mintha Design's unique sportswear. Personalised sportswear for all ages, whether it's for individual or team sports. Let Mintha Design's custom sportswear inspire you on and off the field!

Unique sporty look As if in tracksuit bottoms

Mintha Design's unique sportswear combines both the functionality and style needed for sport. Not only can you wear sophisticated and unique clothes in everyday situations, but also on the sports field. Custom sportswear allows you to fully express yourself and your unique style while you are actively moving.

Superior performance in stylish sportswear

Unique sportswear is not just about looks, it's also about performance. The combination of sophisticated and tailored design and quality materials will help you get the best out of every sporting activity. The special material and tailoring of our warmers guarantee comfort and freedom of movement. Last but not least, you can decorate your sweats with special patterns or even your favourite quote to keep you motivated.

Fully customised sporty look

Custom sportswear from Mintha Design allows you to tailor your sportswear to your taste and style. Choose the colours, patterns and designs to take to the sports field in truly unique sportswear. Not only will this give you confidence, but it will also inspire you to improve your performance.

Sportswear for team players, to strengthen team spirit

The unique Mintha sportswear creates a special team cohesion and reinforces team spirit. Together with your team, you can design your own sweatshirts and sports jerseys to coordinate your team's look, whether on the field or in everyday life. We also make custom sizes so everyone can wear the right length sportswear tailored to their body.

Mintha Design's unique sportswear also embodies the intersection of sporty lifestyle and fashion and allows you to combine your active lifestyle with your own style. Step out of the template and create your own sporty fashion with personalised sportswear!



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As if design Hungary scarf. Cheer scarf made of high quality polyester material.
Mintha Design

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